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Boosting as a duo?


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I've already earned the 'Teamplayer' Trophy. I started reading about the others, and I'm quite sure that the 'Wanted' Trophy is also achievable as a duo. However, for the 'Auf Wiedersehen Petrovic' Trophy, I'm not sure. On the internet, I've heard from some people that they did it with 2 PS3s, while others say you need 4 or 6 people.

So how many do i need?


Thanks :)



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So I got these trophies over the weekend so its still pretty fresh in my mind.


If you already have the teamplayer trophy, you still need 4 players from some of the requirements linked to AWP as well as 'taking one for the team' trophy. The team based games require 4 players as well as turf wars. Everything else can be done as a two (winning the 108 races, mafiya work and the 3 fly the coop missions).


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You need 4 players for the team based game modes (most of them anyway) as for petrovic you can do that with just two players. I highly recommend boosting petrovic with yourself, as in 2 ps3s because if you are trading wins it will be a 20 hour trophy as opposed to around 10 hours if you do it by yourself.


Fly the co-op doesn't require 4 players because the mission deal breaker is much easier with just two players because less players = less enemy spawns. The other two co-op missions I recommend either 3 or 4 players.


Wanted can be done solo or with more players.

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