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Buggy - Easy way to get Stanislavski's Method


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EDIT: it seems many people didn't get the trophy this way, and could only get it the normal way with 10 differents dialog.



To get this trophy, you need to use a dialog specific to your path (street kid by example).


Since the dialog do not disapear after talking, I tried to use the same dialog 10 time to get the trophy.

I used this method at my 3rd use of specific dialog.

I didn't got the trophy.


I tought I would need to get it normally.

At the next dialog with a specific dialog, I got the trophy.


You should get it at your next talk with your dialog path with this method.


This would make the trophy more easy to get :)

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Buggy - the method didn't work for some people
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Didnt work for me.


I used the first option for StreetKid in the main mission 12 times.

The 2nd option 12 times too.

The 3rd option progressed the story and was only selectable once.

The ncontinued with Story and Gigs.

After 7 more while playing the trophy pop'ed.

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