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[Controller] It wore off already!


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Interesting, the left analog sticks of my Dualshock 4's are completely wearing off. This is a major problem and one I hear Sony is working to address. I think the guys at IGN said Sony was exchanging faulty controllers like this for brand new ones. I'm going to have to do that.

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Can't see the pics, das it Sony oficial?

Yes it's a sony controller.

Looks fine?

Can't you see the crack on the stick? I'm not talking about the rubbery cover of the had of the stick, but the stick itself.
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Same happen to me I have Red, white, Gold and black and all of them are tearing on the analog sticks except the gold one. I have nothing to do but to throw the rest of them away cause ain't like I can replace them or get money off of them so yea :(

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