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PS4/PS5 Cross-Play Question

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I wanted to know if there was Cross-Play between the PS4 and PS5 versions of this remaster. I'm currently playing the PS4 version (on my PS5) to then autopop the PS5 list, but my friend wants to get the game as well. I can't tell if the digital PS5 version comes with the PS4 version, and I have the Disc PS4 version which unlocked the digital PS5 version for free. She's got a PS5 and would prefer to get the PS5 version, but I didn't know if we could play together while I'm still running the PS4 version, or if we'd need to wait until I start the PS5 version too.


All my online searches for cross-play kept resulting in answers for the Saints Row reboot. I found one mention about this remaster in a Reddit post from 2 years ago, but there were [Comment Deleted] for the only two "answers" to the same question I'm asking here.


Thanks in advance

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11 minutes ago, HuntingFever said:

Cross-Save only gives you partial auto-pop in this game so you will have to redo many of the trophies from scratch.


Yeah, I saw the other threads about the semi-autopop. I'd still rather do that than the whole game again, despite my love for this one. Just comes down to how little time I have to play

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