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Earning multiplayer trophies with custom servers

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Hey all, 

I recently dusted off the PS3 and my old games and have started working my way through some of my incomplete games from back then. 


Obviously, most games with multiplayer have shut down servers, but there's quite a few that have private servers available. I'd love to revisit a few titles in online, but am worried about earning trophies in them. Anyone know if earning online trophies on a private server will result in a ban from PSN or PSNP? 


Thanks, yall. 

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Just now, ThatMuttGuy said:

Not allowed on PSNP, but PSN won't care at all. But you will be removed from the leaderboards unless it's an approved server. 

Thanks for the quick response. Is there a resource somewhere that tells me which servers are approved? 

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