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Trophies on Base Game

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Is there a reason why the Base Game trophies not showing up because I got all of the Episode 1 trophies and synced them but yet not showing up, but the other trophies I got after that is showing up but that.


The trophies are not hidden.

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My mistake its Walking Dead 2 Epsidoe 1 on the PS3, and like I said, all the trophies that I have earned after the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 1 are synced and showing up but that.


And on my other trophy card its showing up as I have earned them.

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so let me get this straight... you have played the TWD2 Vita version and got all the trophies then synced but they are not yet showing up? am I correct?


If yes... when was the last time you have synced your vita's trophies? I've seen your profile and the last Vita trophy synced is last 04/28. Can you try to sync again your Vita Trophies to PSN?

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