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cant join game session?

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Yeah, it may be that you're trying to join a session on a different platform. Or maybe you're trying to join a session for the same game on the same platform but it's just a different list (like Sound Shapes has 4 different lists on PS4) - yeah that may be a big issue with gaming sessions actually as Sony seems to get more lazy with their multiple trophy lists, lol =O

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For some reason when I try to join a gaming session it says I don't own the game - yet they are clearly listed in my trophy list and I do own the game. Am I being punished for not being a premium user? This has occurred for many titles including Assassin's Creed III / Brotherhood / Revelations / Black Flag, Uncharted 3, Red Dead Redemption and other games. I would like to play with my fellow gamers in multiplayer. If someone can tell me how I can fix this error I would be greatly appreciative - and who knows, we may even play a game together!

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Just thought I would add to this thread rather than a new one.


For some reason I can't join a GTA 4 session on Saturday, I have the game and the option is there but when I click it, the icon just disappears. Never had it before and I can still join other sessions.


It is no biggy just thought I would mention it in case anyone else has a similar issue anywhere!!



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Well im kinda hate the game session you need to have the game to join, i understand but what about completion players im not starting an old game if im not sure im getting the online trophies. so sometimes i ask in game session add me i have the game but did not started yet , and yes you get no answer.

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