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Any way to get bass expansion without tracking down disc with the expansion included?


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I am nearing completion of the Rocksmith platinum and I would like to attempt the 100% but honestly not enough to track down and buy a second copy with the expansion on it. Is there any way to download this on PS3 any more? The link goes to a dead PSN store page. Was this ever made free or was it delisted with the other DLC?

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I'm in a similar position. I only just realised there's a version with an overlay that says "Anyone can play guitar or bass", which I'm assuming is the one with the bass expansion. Mine doesn't have this and similarly to OP, when choosing bass on booting up the game, it asks to download it from the PS Store but links to a dead page.


Image below is of the version I just found on ebay, with the overlay I mentioned. My concern is, is the bass expansion definitely on the disc, or will it try to pull it from the same dead page that my copy of the game is linking to? 



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All European and Australian copies come with bass expansion included on disc. For American copies, some do and some don't, if they don't you have to buy the expansion for $10 from PS Store, it's still available to buy (use PS Store app, not in-game store).


Sorry, I just checked and it seems to be delisted now. Probably got delisted very recently as I bought it back in October '23. Weird that they have only delisted this pack recently while a lot of songs and song packs are still there. 

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