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Something like Heroes of Might and Magic

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Really miss this game. I wonder, is there something like Heroes on the consoles? It really doesn't matter how old this game will be, I even have a working PS2, so if you help me to find some turn-based strategies with fractions I'll be grateful!


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If you want something for the PS4/PS5, try Unicorn Overlord, King's Bounty II and Disciples: Liberation. On PC, try Songs of Conquest, that one is the closest match.

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From my limited knowledge the only ones that come close to HoMM (especially 3) are:

King's Bounty II The first one was similar to Heroes, second one...not sure of its quality, you may check a review video here :D 

Age of Wonders 4 - I think the series was originally a competition to Heroes, video here


There's also Disciples Liberation...but man, as a fan of the original Disciples and Disciples 2...I can't recommend that game 😂 

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