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Metroid Prime 4: Will Nintendo Announce A New Metroid Wii U Game From Retro At E3?

Lady Lilith

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Allow me to inaugurate the era of speculation about Metroid Prime 4 being at E3 2014. Actually, that's already happened, but let me add fuel to the strictly speculative fire: Everything Nintendo has said lately loosely suggests that Retro Studios is secretly working on a new Metroid game, almost certainly for the Wii U. And if they are, Nintendo may see the need to announce it this summer at E3.

As you know, the wait for Metroid Prime 4 has been a long one. The last game in the Prime series to date, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, came out several years ago, back in 2007. All three were excellent and all three were developed by Retro Studios, Nintendo's first-party American studio. Metroid: Other M, released in 2010, was developed by Team Ninja and did not do quite as well, creatively or financially, and I can safely say it wasn't as good as Prime. 


I think we'll see Metroid in some form or other at E3 2014. In Smash Bros, at the very least. (Image: Nintendo of America)

Since then, Retro has made two and a half games: Donkey Kong Country Returns for Wii, a lot of the courses and other modes in Mario Kart 7 and Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze for Wii U. That latter game, of course, came out this February, by which time Retro had already started on its new project.

That new project, which has been in progress for at least six months (since they started around November, when DKC: TF was originally going to come out and was mostly done), is very likely to be some kind of Metroid game. Now, I'm not just saying that. Reggie has said that. Even Miyamoto has hinted at it. If you don't trust me (ha!), trust them.

Here's the thing, though: Retro's new Metroid project isn't necessarily Metroid Prime 4. I think that will come eventually, but there's another project that's even more likely: Metroid Prime HD. Nintendo has talked before about doing more HD remakes for Wii U, like Wind Waker H. It did pretty well, looks gorgeous and didn't take very long. More importantly, it gave the Zelda team experience working with the Wii U hardware before they dived into Zelda Wii U. Retro has that from DKC: TF, but that's obviously a very different beast than Metroid. A quick HD remake would give them the chance to get a feel for the system's capabilities in a Metroid context, perhaps while building a new engine on the side.

Here's the long and short of it: If Retro is working on Metroid Prime 4, we won't hear a word about it at E3 2014. If they're making a Metroid Prime HD remake, we will definitely hear about it at E3, and it would come out this winter or early next year (Retro isn't much for deadlines). If they're working on something else besides those two things, I'll be very surprised.

Just a few more weeks until we find out.




Personally, I'd rather have a 2D Metroid ala Super/Zero Mission/Fusion, but I guess any Metroid is good.


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I enjoyed the Prime series but I'm a much bigger fan of the 2D games as well. Super Metroid, Metroid Fusion and Metroid Zero Mission are fantastic games and I'd love to see another game like that. That being said, I'd enjoy another entry in the Prime series as well and since the Wii U actually has a good controller (The Pro controller) I'm sure it would be even more fun than the last games. Honestly, Other M wasn't that bad either but it had a god awful control scheme. 


The fans have been asking for another Metroid since the Wii U released, Nintendo would have to be idiots to ignore that. 




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Let's hope the new Metroid game will be an improvement over the trainwreck that was Metroid: Other M. :unsure:


Not being forced to use the awful wii remote and nunchuk will already make the game better than Other M. 




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