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First look at Pacman in SSB

Lady Lilith

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Siliconera attended the presentation with director Masahiro Sakurai for the new Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, where they revealed that Pac-Man is a playable character in the upcoming games. The new trailer gives us a first look at his fighting style.


Pac-Man hungers for battle, and he immediately shows us some of his moves that involve the fruits and ghosts from the classic Namco arcade game. As previously reported, Pac-Man can shoot water from his fire hydrant and also turn into his arcade self as a side attack.




Looks like Kirby might also have some eating competition, as Pac-Man can also grow huge and eat things. Sakurai also emphasized Pac Man’s older design over the new one, as he’s one of the oldest characters in games.


screen2_thumb.jpg screen1_thumb.jpg

screen4_thumb.jpg screen3_thumb.jpg

screen6_thumb.jpg screen5_thumb.jpg

screen8_thumb.jpg screen7_thumb.jpg

screen10_thumb.jpg screen9_thumb.jpg




Wow, that actually looks pretty awesome.  I especially love the final smash.  Classic Arcade Pacman  :lol: I'm also glad they didn't use his new "Ghostly Adventures" look...though I tend to think of that as being similar to Sonic Boom...both TV shows, so why can't both be spinoffs of the main series?

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I think pacman fits in perfectly with this group! Great choice for a character.


I'd still love for them to add another fire emblem character such as Lyn or Chrom.


It's great to a Namco character join the fight (Pacman) since they're helping make the game; I just hope that they add Klonoa if they are going to add anymore Namco characters. I think Klonoa would fit well with all the other characters even though the game series isn't that well-known.

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Glad Pac joined, I heard his Final smash move is turning into a giant pac head and didn't read the rest, dunno if it's true though  :P


i really want to see other characters too, don't mind if any good character jumps in the game, i'm still waiting to see if Amy would join sonic and Hammer him to death! 


but.... pretty awesome Features every SSB title.


Also, Yoshi Wooly world trailer just excited me even more. wooly wooly.

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