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Data Hound ...


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What The?


I just quit collect these six data whores. I can´t believe they released this extremly buggy (texture error everywhere, i can float thorugh floors) and frustrating socalled DLC. The Hammerhead is a joke ... especially on insanity which difficulty i play.


So which way is the easiest way to archive Data Hound. Got 2/6 but then got hit after one hour and no autosaves included. Saw some vids on youtube but i wasn´t as easy as on them. so screw this.

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It's been a while since I've played it, but you can't save while using the Hammerhead? I could have sworn I saved after each Data cluster I found. But if your problem is the one guarded by turrets, the best way to deal with the turrets is to strafe back and forth out of their range and fire at them. It sucks, but even on the easier difficulties that's the only way. If you can't manually save then you should head to one of the facilities that you have to go to before heading to the main one and save there. You can get them in any order so long as you don't head towards Atlas Station before getting them all.

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Oh i wasn´t expecting so fast replies. thanks guys ...


Yeah right, this is the video i mentioned.


On Insanity it really unplayable. I tried the "Float up and down" Tactics with the X button and did well until the third Data Pack and already had an hour wasted. I also used the glitch where i can go under the surface but still can´t do it. Guess i have to save my game on an usb stick and save it for later. Is that possible?


.... i won´t abandon my insanity run for this. So far the game is really fair (leave aside horizon and the collector ship) on insanity but this is a joke. I thought the mako in me1 was bad :ninja:


Update ....

edit: OMG i got it ... got four in my first try .... then went to valcano station (game saved) .... and after that i did that one with the YMIR Mechs and the last one on the hill. Still don´t like insanity hammerheading :lol:

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I was having this problem a couple days ago, would take almost an hour to get the first two, then would always die at the ones on the raised platform. I ended up lowering the difficulty, got the trophy then loaded the save I had from before exiting Hermes station to get In the hammerhead. Didn't think it would be a problem for my insanity trophy because that was the only save slot I had and I hadn't touched the difficulty at that point. Now I'm worried though because I'm having a hard time on insanity, just takes forever and I dont want to do all this for nothing, especially if im going to have to start all over anyway. Insanity is all I need for the plat, I wish I had just kept the Hermes station save and went back to it after I completed the game.

So even though the game never saved after I changed difficulty and I went back to a point before I messed with it and it was still set to insanity, will that still mess me up on the insanity trophy?

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