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Need help with Deal Breaker.


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I don't know what to tell you, since a multitude of walkthroughs are available online. For example:



If this doesn't help, then there's a vast array of videos just like it on YouTube. If you have trouble with the process, it's just a matter of patience. It's not exactly easy, but it's very possible.


EDIT: If you absolutely can't do it, you may want to try contacting one of the frequenters of the GTA4 board on PlaystationTrophies.org. I myself boosted :bronze: Fly the Co-op with ProfBambam55. I'm not sure if he's currently boosting but obviously he was just the first example that came to mind.

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Could you guys tell me some tips on how to beat Deal Breaker under the time limit because me and my friend just cannot do it.

Well, when I did it, it was basically;

Person 1: Drives straight to the location and starts clearing out floors from the bottom

Person 2: Grabs the chopper and flies to the location and clears floors down starting from the roof

If you both know the correct route, you should make it there at about the right time.

Person 1: Be sure to grab an RPG and leave 1 floor for Person 2 to clear and run for the far corner of the pier where the boat should spawn

Person 2: By the time you clear the last spawn, Person 1 is hopefully just about to reach the peir. Run up to the chopper and land it next to Person 1 where he has hopefully already destroyed the boat. If Person 1 failed to get the boat, you can flip it with your chopper blades

In the case you get the bike gang, I think the alternate plan is to grab person 1 in the chopper and use your chopper blades to wipe them out on the way home.

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