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Face-off Trophy


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Playing online is so tough for me. I can never get connected/synced and always get kicked. When I did manage to get into one, the race had like 3 different face-off to try and beat. So I guess this wouldn't be tough to do depending on what it is and the score if you can even get into a room. Other than that, I do not know if redoing the completed face-offs in Tour Mode keep building upon the 50 because once you get the star the zone never shows up again.

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Got this.


These are the coloured dots on your circuit map.


"Drift score" Orange

"Cornering" Blue

"Speed" Yellow


On the tour mode you can only complete these once - once unlocked you can't see them again. I think there are about 30-35?


The rest will come from online racing or single events.


I got mine on single events. Do a 25 lap race and eventually when the servers kick in you should get up to 3 face offs in a lap. If you choose to just beat the opponent then the next lap it will be another face off just slightly more. The next face off will always be more than what you just achieved.


Pretty easy trophy to get - especially once the servers are working :)

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