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Has anyone else had this problem


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On 25/11/2014 at 0:59 PM, keoTHEone said:

I'm on the beginning of episode to when you get sensen fury when it says press and hold L2 to open pressed wheel but it won't open can anyone help me out with suggestions besides restarting the whole game

Happens to me too, DS4 won't work on Remember Me, I had to use a third party replica of DS3 for this game.


Edit: wow is a 2014 thread...

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I had this same problem. Tried using 2 different PS3 controllers (one official, one 3rd party) as well as the dualsense.  I tried reloading saves, closing the game and opening it again, and reinstalling the game, but nothing worked. After a lot of searching I found a solution the worked.


Simply hold the PS home button and select turn off controller. The game then tells you it can't sense a controller. Turn the controller back on and magically the L2 button is recognized now. Something about turning the controller off then on in the middle of gameplay seems to kick the game out of this bug. 


Also, while the dualsense controller works mostly well for this game, I wouldn't recommend using it. Once you get the L2 button to work, with the dualsense adaptive  triggers, the game only seems to recognize you've pressed L2 at a very narrow and finicky range of depressing the trigger. Too little or too far and the button press won't register.

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