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APB:Reloaded trophy list?


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APB:Reloaded is a game that has been announced for the PS4 as a free-to-play game. I am so hyped and can't wait to blow hundreds of hours on this game! :D

I played this game for around 200 hours at my computer until i started to get issues with it and Grand theft auto online got a release. I now personally think this is much funnier than Gta:o.


I was wondering to anyone who actually played/play this game on PC, what trophies do you think we will see coming in this game? (All because i am exited :3)

In the PC version on steam there is achievement that will take really long time, for example max you're position with criminals and polices. This means you have 2 maxed characters which takes a very long time! :/

I WILL get the platinum, even if it takes 300 hours. No jk :3




For anyone who does't know to much about this game:

It is like Grand theft auto, but 100 players in one server.

You do missions(basically killing, capping, and disarming all the time)

This could be considered a paytowin game.




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ooooooooooooo thats gonna be soooo awesome!!  lol  I loved that game.  Pre ordered it, played it till it died, got my money refunded and somehow a year of premium during its relaunch......it was great but I was playing it on a laptop :/  REAL shitty fps, it got worse during its free to play release, but the customization had me hooked.....I know its not happening but I'd love to have my pc character info transfer over, I made the most awesome Aqua Teen Hunger Force t-shirt on there, and made Cleveland Brown and Dale from King of the Hill  lol   good times

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