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Question about character importing.


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OK, so I have a question about the character import feature in this game, hopefully someone can answer.

I played Mass Effect 2 earlier this year and I beat it on the normal difficulty. I made all the choices I wanted to make (who lives, who dies, love interest, etc.) After I was done, I started Infernal mode to get the platinum. I only made it to the first real level, before I got tired of the game (I love it, I just had too much in a short amount of time).

So, I'm going to start ME3 soon, and I'm wondering how the game will import my character. Will it remember all the choices I made in normal mode, and bring those over? Or will it see my character on new game+, that technically hasn't made any choices yet, and bring that over?

Because if so, I'll want to go back and beat Infernal before playing ME3, just to make all the choices again. Any help is appreciated.

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