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The joy of trading


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Being on a limited budget buying new release games is not something I generally do, but I made an exception with Farcry 4 paying £49.99 and even went to the midnight launch. About three weeks later I traded it having got platinum. This netted me £38 store credit. I bought Metro Redux for £22 leaving me £16 store credit. Today I traded that for £14 having got both platinums and bought The Amazing Spiderman 2 for £18 leaving me £12 pound credit which is the trade in value of the game So when I complete that I will have £24 credit. Which is more than enough for Tomb Raider which will trade for Battlefield 4 which will trade for knack.The only drawback is that that will only get me putty squad but not bad really. Basically if you shop and trade wisely ps4 games are more than affordable.

In effect I bought Farcry 4 and got Metro Redux, Amazing Spiderman 2, Tombraider, Battlefield 4, knack and putty squad free.

Can anybody beat this?

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Yeah it's cool in your country but definetly not in mine.


If you go there with a game retailed at 70€ (normal starting price in Portugal) they offer you 35€ --'

i tried to take a perfectly good un used un opened copy of LEgo marvel to gamestop and they said i could get 8 bucks out of it. I had just bought it for 30...  ( it had iron patriot lego minifigure i needed for my collection and i have a copy of the game)

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