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Thoughts on trophies/game?


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I think the trophies are very well designed, very simple, minimalist, at the least are different from the other zombies games like Dead Island, compare:


Dying Light





Dead Island



About the trophies i don't need to talk, i think have the normal stuff, including online that is fun, i have the platinum on Dead Island, since you have people to play it's fine :)



Couldn't agree more.  So often games put so much noise and garbage on the trophy image and it ends up looking tacky, ugly and just plain bad.  


These trophy images are very sleek, clean and simple.  Great color design (powder blue on dark blue background) and good images explaining what kind of trophy it is.  Definitely going to try and get one of my trophy milestones on PSNprofiles as one of these trophies :D

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thats only my opinion. i played about 20% of story and i've already tired out. plot is dumb like in low-budget french films about parkour that were popular in russia some years ago, characters are boring even crazy-ass weird loner survivals in town - they're very predictable in their weirdness. developers just take things from here and there (for example, bioshock, escape from ny, far cry, mirrors edge, dark souls, castlevania 2, fallout, any-zombie-or-post-apocalyptic-game-you-can-remember etc) but those things not workin altogether. so i'm workin on platinum not enjoing of doing it. there no unique elements, it's like far cry with melee and parkour and zombies all over the place and you must do same things over and over again till the end of the world. you running, jumping, crafting, punching, liberating safe zones endlessly. 

some technical issues also like bad animation, face animation especially (just look at the doctor lady in tower, she's a mess) and a lack of zombies models. they all look the same. i almost die of laugh when i see on on the street two absolutely identical big guys in orange outfits standing in front of each other. twins you say? no, it's lazyness. it's very lazy and there no exuse for things like that in 2015 retail full-price console game. and those terrible accents.. i hate 'em. and i even don't mentioned glitched trophies and crashes when playing unnecessary, useless coop. but i like theme melody on title screen it's very jonhcarpenter-ish and quite good. 5/10
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