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How do I get the Stylin' trophy?


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In Be a Pro Online mode you need to score 10 penalties or 2 free kicks to unlock custom Penalty and Freekick styles respectively. 

Best bet is to grab some mates and create a club. You'll likely get atleast one free kick a game. Scoring them is a whole different matter. 

I personally got the free kicks first but thats cause I'm quite comfortable with them. Ive missed more penalties than I've scored free kicks.

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If you want to have this the easy way, then I got some tips for you. First of all it's best to score 2 free kicks instead of 10 penalties. Also it's best to boost this trophy, since it takes quite some skills to score 2 free kicks. Anyways, best to do this is to make a team, and have one player join that team. Then the other two boosters do the exact same thing. You'll need to choose the position of 'any', so you can play as any player in the game. Your teammate has to choose the goalkeeper. The reason why one person needs to be the goalkeeper is that once the other team does the penalty kick, your goalkeeper can walk out of his goal for an easy goal. If I remember correctly you can choose to put your settings to connect only to players with asia. Do this, and let the other team you're boosting with do this aswell. That way you'll have less chance to join any random players. (Not many players have their settings on Asia). Oh, and one last thing. Once the match is over, your team can't connect to your boosters team again (Mainly because EA doesn't like boosters). What you should do then is: One team leaves their team, and makes a new team. That way you can connect to each other again. 


I've described the most important things. If you're planning on boosting this, then you should check this site out. This is the full strategy: http://www.trueachievements.com/a190229/stylin-achievement.htm


Hopefully this'll help, and goodluck :)



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