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If Platinum made this game...


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 So I saw a comment on IGN of someone saying that it'd be "beyond amazing" if Platinum made an Attack on Titan game.


 Could you imagine!? Now, I know that their last licensed game, The Legend of Korra, didn't bode so well with many critics (I personally enjoyed the hell out of it though), but Attack on Titan might be a different case. They already have a lot of experience with hack-and-slash gameplay, between Bayonetta and Metal Gear Rising, so that's really one of the key elements already nailed down. With that being said, the other key element is manoeuvrability. I could see it ending up being similar to Gravity Rush in terms of getting around, although AoT would have to be 100X faster in comparison. However, I could see that being hard to control, which obviously, is problematic. 


 Aside from that, the Titans would also pose a problem. The only way to kill a Titan is to cut the nape of its neck, and if this were reflected in the game, I could see combat getting repetitive. Run to a Titan, jump up, cut the neck, rinse and repeat. A work around to this could be that you need to lower their health first, and then go for the nape (similar to finishing moves in TLoK), but then that would merit backlash from fans, saying that you never need to first hurt the Titan's in the show or anime, and can simply kill them from the get-go. 


 Regardless, if this were to happen, I'm sure Platinum could figure things out. 


 So what do you guys think? Would you be on board for an Attack on Titan game from Platinum? 

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