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Slayer - Trophy


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A prone attack is when you have knocked an enemy to the ground and you keep attacking. You'll see your character swing your weapon back and forth before stabbing down.

I got the trophy when I landed on a goblin card. seems like a good place as the battle area is nice and small. Plus goblins seem to stay down a lot longer than regular enemies. I managed to corner 2 goblins and hit them both so they fell close to each other.

I think I was lucky though, this one seems like it could be quite tricky. I'm not looking forward to the huge success and huge failure trophies either.

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If you can snag the enormous shield (dropped by the Queen of scales I believe) it gets a bit easier to knock enemies down.  Another tactic is to just keep playing, I've seen tons of people say they just randomly got it while playing the game through, myself included.

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