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100% possible on PSVita?


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Since this game is playable on 3 platforms, I wonder if there is an advantage or disadventage when picking one of those platforms.

I would like to play this on my PSVita, but if this is the worst option to choose, I'll put it into my PS3 backlog.

So, anyone reached 100% while playing this game on the PSVita? Or are the other platforms a better option?

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I only played it on the PS4, and found that getting 100% wasn't too bad. Visually, I would opt for a larger screen, but that comes down to personal preference. Note also that some of the overall difficulty is dependent on the daily map layout -- if you're having noticeable troubles with a particular setup (so if you can't reach, say, region 8 or 9 consistently and almost perfectly when you're going for 5 million), you're better off waiting for a new day, regardless of the platform choice.

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