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It's not the least bit impossible on any difficulty just find some enemies near a cliff or high edge lure them near it while holding block manure ur self so there back is to the cliff edge and hit them with the sign that shoots out the force blast it's the last one on the right this should cause them to fall backwards killing them on landing

Only trouble u should have is finding said enemies

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The Devil's Pit in Velen is one of best places to get this trophy. vlcsnap-2015-05-22-11h54m05s314.pngCredit for this image goes to King fiShiZ.

yea this is a really good spot but i gotta suggest taking out the axe guys or if u see one coming run out of the area and meditate to reset the positions because on death march and even on easy those guys take huge chunks and i cant find a way of blocking them

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Yes, The Devil's Pit is where I also got the trophy (on Death March difficulty).  The difficulty doesn't really matter, all you need to do is parry or counter an enemy and he will take a step back to the edge.  They won't fall off the edge until you Aard them so it's not really that hard.  You want to pull them one or two at a time if you can, the two handed guys, just kill them as you can't counter them.  Concentrate on the one handed weapon enemies, when you've cleared the area, leave and come back to it later once its reset with enemies.

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