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I just beat bloody palace. So some tips from me


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Probably one of the most time consuming and frustrating trophies I've encounter in a while. I recommend completely upgrade the character that you are going to be using, I used Dante. I had the thunder amulet, flying amulet and regeneration amulet on all the time. Buy all the upgrades on every gun, use this farming spot to fully upgrade everything: 

after getting all the upgrades, get all the items that you can carry. Now, strategies!

1) magician guys: take them down first! don't use the rocket launcher since a bug may occur and you will completely fuck yourself. The faster you take them out the faster you can use the rocket launcher to take down everything else on the wave. Forget about the other enemies and take these guys out first!

2) gollems are your best friends! having 5 of these guys will cause everything to slow down. What I mean by that, it's that this guys cause the game to spawn one other enemy at the time. So if they are supposed bloody goats to spawn with them or magician or any other enemy, having these will cause them to spawn one other kind of enemy at time. Another plus is being able to recharge your dt and health really easy since they regenerate body parts and health.

3)goats use the rocket launcher and try to find a safe spot. the safe spot is a sweet spot that most of they attacks will miss for no reason. Try to take them down before they enter dt. Once they do, the rocket launcher will stop stunning them. If worst comes to worst, and your health is near the end, activate super dt which can only be activated when your health bar is on red. It's a little risky but your attacks now can kill the guys on 3 hits. Doing so will help you in the long run, if you are feeling bolsy, when your dt is close to be depleted, use a devil star to replinish. Doing so will allow you to stay on super dt longer. I recommend doing this strategy on goat waves, during the 9000 waves, I ran into maybe 6-7 of them and very a few instances that there were more than one at the time; maybe 5-6 times.

4)dog waves, this enemy is the most broken character in the game. it will constantly attack all the time. and when it enters dt, it will attack faster and hit harder; however there is an exploit to these fights. First, equip the shotgun. Second... start walking, yes, most of their attacks can't hit you unless you are directly in front of them. By you moving around constantly, the likeness of getting hit is one in 5. There is also another exploit, when there are 6 at the same time, some times they will glitch out and stand still, take this opportunity to change to the rocket launcher and land a hit. this will damage everyone. Another way to kill them will be using dt and do the stinger, the stinger does the damage of two rocket launchers.


Those are the worst and best case scenarios on bloody palace. Something else you need to be aware of is... after getting passed 4000, bloody palace becomes easier.I don't know why but reaching 9000 after 4000 was easier than what i was expecting, so don't give up! Over all I used 5 large green starts, 12 small green stars, 2 large purple stars, 5-6 small purple stars. i didn't use the yellow orb until 9101 which it was when my trophy unlocked.


If you have problems with an enemy or scenario, let me know. I'll try to help you find a strategy against them.

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On 10/13/2015 at 1:35 AM, Cielle said:

I gave up on doing bloody palace in DMC2 because of the odd glitches that happened to me and made it unbeatable.. I know you can use infinite devil trigger if you have an EU copy of the game. But thanks for the tips though.

I'm having the same bloody problem. My third attempt and its now my third glitch.My first glitch level 2501, my second glitch 7301 and my third glitch 4701. I'm really annoyed with this. i'm trying to plat the game under a week and now i'm beginning to lose hope.

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This damn game mode is just tedious and frustrating, i got a glitch where i got teleported somewhere out of the map on floor +7000, and a couple moments ago, just when i though this trophy was mine, my worst nightmare appears, a full level of pure fucking flying goats in level 8301, fuck those things. :'(, their laser beams are so broken, it's hard to dodge 2 at the same time, but 6? wtf... i'm so pissed because i've lost like 10 hours,  any tips to beat those enemies? I'll give it a last try tomorrow...  


Edit: So i finally beat it, it took me almost 6 hours (5:43:and something) i killed myself  reaching the 9101 floor, because this game mode is  just so boring. 


So finally some tips from me, i used Trish just because of the laser beams or whatever the hell that is, go with a full arsenal of supplys,  the best way to farm orbs is into de Dante disc, mission 9, etc, you can find the method in the guide or in youtube. So here are the tips.


1- During wolf levels: this is the most boring part of all, it's too risky to face them because the chances of getting hit are loo high, you don't lose a lot of health, but it's better to be careful, so just jump and shoot, this rounds use to take 15 mins or so, but you'll finish it without a scratch. SO  you won't use any green star.

2- During golems levels: Kill everyone except one, use the last one to replenish all your health,

3- During goat familly levels: Best of luck to you, this are the hardest enemies in the Bloody Palace, use your purple stars here and the Laser beam from Trish, trying to evade all of them it's almost impossible, so the best thing to do is to kill them as fast as you can.  You should only use the purple stars against this enemies, because, being honest  you can defeat every other enemy without the DT.

4- During magicians levels: What i did was to kill the ones who shot projectles first, then the ones who shot a thunder, and finallly the ones with the flamethrower (lol) this one is very easy, you can almost always just evade and shoot.


The rest of the enemies are so easy you won't even need tips.

And finally prepare some good music or whatever to mantain you entertained, for real, it's the best thing you can do, this will take a while.

Good luck and don't give up. 

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Took a whole Friday at about 6 hours to get this done. I'm unsure if BP is set to the highest difficulty your save is complete on, but I moved my full save data to a usb and beat Dante and Lucia normal only for this one, and maxed out Ebony & Ivory, Rockets, Vendetta, and as many orbs as i could exploit from the lava room trick. Also i used a turbo controller and would leave Shoot & Jump on turbo for FrekiGeri while i watched something else.


The game's FX start to bug and show artifacts if you overuse the rocket launcher. I'm guessing it's to do with the particle FX from the smoke that don't get reset in BP. I've mostly used Ebony & Ivory as a safe strat, and only used rockets for goats, which I've hit full waves on 3411. 3201. 4401. 5501. 7401. These may be randomized, so I'd expect about 5 if you're jumping levels by hundreds.


Before they DT, you can stun flying goats with pistols, then jump up to them and double kick, then Helmbreaker them to the ground, where you'd Sword one at a time to death. Otherwise, try a corner or along the wall to avoid most of their lasers, and rocket any goats that come closest to you.


Overall, R1 and L3 are your friends for killing one enemy at a time, instead of half damaging multiple enemies who can attack at full strength. Having a yellow orb, and green & purple stars, will give you a couple chances to wait for Dante to have Red health, down to when you'd throw a Pokeball, whereas here you'd press L1 to activate Sin/Majin/Super DT. Shooting fireballs is the best use of this form, and you can extend this streak with a purple if you pause and time it right. Also you are invincible during this mode, but only for that level. By the next level you'd be back in green until one more hit.


I'd recommend investing in a decent turbo controller for gaming in general. It helps for monotonous, repetitive parts to games and in this case for waves of *msiras and wolves that land directly below you. When you double jump with Dante and mash Shoot, he Rainstorms below and just a bit offset above his head.


As earlier mentioned, you have to make it to 9001+ one more level to get the trophy, which is likely going to be paired with your Platinum.


Good luck Hunters & Protectors. 

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I would add that if you are using Trish on the wolf levels (and you aren't super close to dying), you can speed it up drastically by getting in the corner and repeatedly jump and slash down with the sword. Just quickly pressing the two commands seems to work. It seems to trip up the wolf A.I., and you get devil trigger relatively fast from doing it. You take some hits here and there, but you end up net positive in health from the dt. Just activate, and keep pressing x to fly and heal. Trivializes the wolves and you get healing, but still takes a bit. Definitely faster than just shooting. Of course, you need the appropriate amulet loadout to do it like that. 

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