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Explorer Trophy?


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Hi guys, I have all trophies but one - Explorer.


Finish all the Special Stages in the game in Quick Stage mode.


Problem is I believe I've finished all of  them and I have like no idead why I'm not getting it. 

Is there any  chance to check if any of the stages are missing?

Or is there a chance that the game didn't notice I've done all the stages?

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This has got really stupid...I have tried this method 3 times now, latest time I deleted the game from my hdd, reinstalled, and nothing. I will give this crap one more try, reinstalling the game and doing all stages legit offline.

I had my doubts after the Corsica bug, somehow got that one after the first try, but I have never encountered a game this defective since the crew a year ago, and never so close to what would be my 77th platinum. As long as Kilotonn produces the WRC games, I will not buy one again until this scam of a developer eventually loses the WRC licence.

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Ok I got the platinum did ALL stages legit again this time with a new file, faith is now restored in the series. However, the plat did not unlock until I was in the main menu, really tense seconds waiting for it, but glad it worked.


If Kilotonn releases WRC 6 with copied-over stages from WRC 5, count me out. Otherwise I hope that this series can improve and really start to challenge the DiRT series for the top rally game crown.

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Just wonder if anyone has any update for this trophy? Is it still glitched (supposed so by DLC and new tracks) or works as intended? Do you indeed track of the completed races with the leaderboards? Thanks in advance, don't want to go through all of the stages for nothing..

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