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Blade and Soul!


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I know that feel, was looking to play this game years ago along with Black Desert Online. Just can't see myself going back.


Gotta try to at least know for sure. 


but I wouldnt bother these few days, the que time to log in is SO BAD! expect hours.

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I've been playing it as much as I can ever since CBT and launch, already level 36 on my main assassin w/ my secondary KFM sitting at lv10 for now. This game's PvP is AMAZING (not just for an MMORPG but for a game in general), alot of people compare it to a fighting game and I can see it as well with the playstyle heavily involving comboing, counters, etc. Not only is it really fun to play but they make it really look cool with the animations and short cinematics for certain skills. I've literally spent the last two days in arena doing 1v1 (W34 L49 I think) and a little bit of 3v3 tag team (W21 L19), so far I think it's balanced for the most part. Alot of people will say say certain classes are OP but that may just be in the beginning since no one knows how to play lol, sure there are disadvantages in certain matchups but if you play well you can definitely win. Btw I was talking about arena PvP (the main PvP in this game anyway), not faction PvP which I think is unbalanced because of unequalized stats, but I think it's fine to stay there since we have equalized stats in the arena, and levels only give you a slight edge because of a few extra skill tree points, though I would recommend leveling if you're constantly fighting against people more than 12 levels ahead of you.


As for the PvE in this game it's a breeze for the most part, like most MMOs out there. I'm only lv 36 (haven't hit lv45 cap yet) so there may be some endgame dungeons that provide challenge. But even so far I found the difficulty of the PvE on the easy side it's still fun just because the combat mechanics are so great and I rarely found myself bored taking down field bosses and doing dungeons with people.


The leveling in this game also goes by rather fast, apparently you can speedrun from lv1-45 in 15 hours, but in your first playthrough of the game it's hard to not take in the story and environment and atmosphere of the game. The story in this game is pretty simple, nothing too mindblowing/in-depth, but presentation was pretty good for a f2p game. Now for the environment, sure graphics aren't the best (the game has been out for years in Korea) but they still hold up pretty well. Roaming through the world of Blade and Soul is one of the most satisfying things I've experienced in an MMO due to the windwalking (basically you can fly in the air) and the various sceneries you can come across, the music is also really good btw. Also around I think lv 20 you can start riding Dragonpulses which I'll let you experience yourself (hint: EPIC parkour). I might be overpraising this a little lol, but it's still pretty damn good.


Character progression (obtaining weapons and armor) is simple and efficient in this game. You get one main weapon and keep upgrading it throughout the game. And yes, you can change its appearance. Also armor in this game is purely cosmetic (no stat bonuses), your stats mainly come from your soul shield. I really like this because you can pretty much look cool however you want and still keep your stats to fight. This is also one of the least grindiest MMOs I've ever played and I love it, so far I think you can just breeze through sidequests for XP (but then again there's a way to get to lv1-45 in 15 hours, still haven't looked that up yet since I don't want to speedrun my first playthrough), there's only some grind in dungeons if RNG doesn't give you the weapon you need to evolve your weapon but usually you can just go to the marketplace and buy it while selling the ones you don't need anyway. Another small thing to add is the crafting and gathering system in this game is very minimalist. For gathering you have to find one sample of item you want, order it, then it gets delivered to you. For crafting once you have the required materials, place an order, and then it gets delivered to you. Basically you can do all this crafting and gathering from your menu which is pulled up by just pressing a hotkey.


One more thing that I almost forgot to mention is the cash shop and membership of this game. Cash shop gives cosmetic items, inventory expansions (which aren't really needed if you know how to throw away junk), and some supplies. Membership gives various benefits that make the game slightly more convenient but are definitely not necessary, it's actually also not that expensive (cost comparable to a typical MMO monthly sub). I would recommend buying it if you know how to make use of the benefits or try out the 7 day one (think it's limited time though) like I did. And to be honest, there is almost no difference when I got the short membership, still was able to enjoy this game fully like I've always did with only just some things there for extra convenience.


This game has freaking AWESOME pvp. PvE is a breeze for the most part (still have to do endgame dungeons which might be challenging), but still enjoyable due to the great combat mechanics of this game. Graphics aren't the best, but still hold up, and roaming across the various landscapes of this game is very satisfying especially with windwalking and dragonpulses. Story is okay/rather simple but was presented fairly well. Leveling is fast and grinding isn't much. No gap/advantage between the f2p and those who have membership, game is equal for all.


Oh, and here's my ign and server if you guys want to add me

Main: FeralTurtle (assassin). Server: Hajoon

Secondary: Nheo (kung fu master). Server: Hajoon

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