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Dragon Age Origins Ultimate Edition contents and file sizes.

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Here's a reference point for anyone that's curious. The numbers are the space requirements for the North American physical release.


1. The Stone Prisoner - 179 MB

2. Warden's Keep - 102 MB

3. Return to Oskagar - 112 MB

4. Dragon Age Origins Awakening - 1,604 MB

5. Feastday Combo Pack - 2 MB

6. The Darkspawn Chronicles - 341 MB

7. Leliana's Song - 439 MB

8. The Golems of Amgarrak - 406 MB

9. Witch Hunt - 417 MB

10. Blood Dragon Armour - 3 MB

11. Data install - 2,665 MB

12. Patch 1.01 - 31 MB

for a grand total of 6,301 MB, or 6.3GB.

Also, the save file is only like 850 KB so, pfft. :P

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Unless you have a European edition of the game in which case you don't get the Return To Ostagar DLC, instead you get one of the other DLCs twice. How awesome is that :awesome:


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