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Latest patch has bugged one Trophy

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As posted on .org the latest patch for this game (26th March '16) has made one of the story trophies unobtainable.


5S27c94d.pngCandelabra moustache - Finish Marbury Guesthouse


Does not trigger when it should, digital buyers can't do anything but wait for a fix, physical owners should not patch the game.  Confirmed this today playing through the game with my wife on her account (digital version)




As balu2424 has said The recent patch (1.03) should fix this problem. DO NOT USE PATCH 1.02!! 
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This is one of the reasons why I never patch my games unless it's 100% necessary. :P


Shouldn't deleting the patch help? Unless PS4 is not capable of such.

You can delete the patches of physical games, but not the digital ones (they come with the game, so it'd just delete the game).


Also, depending on the game, sometimes it won't let you load your save after you delete a patch if you made the save when it was patched (I think most of the Disgaea games do that, not sure about this game though).

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