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super soldier trophy


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thanks You_Cant_Use_Dis



Mission maker:, Dive and shoot a AA, or tank etc, hope you get last kill in same game. (Hard)


Hero of the sky:  Get 10 enemy plane kills, best chance lower tiers planes using maybe German or Russia even USA (Very Hard)


Thunderer: 18 ground unit kills.  Ground strike map, take out AA's, pill boxs tanks attack airfield AA's. Use USA Tier 3 planes P47, P51, B25. or any bomb/fighter (Easy)


Heavy Metal Hero: Kill 10 or more tanks in tank battles, umm wow 16 players a team with 3 respawns good luck! (Very very difficult unless  premium tank?)


Wing breaker: Get most kills in Planes, best trying in lower tiers maybe German, Russian or USA fighter planes, more crew slots, skills, parts better chance. (Very Hard)


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The above is somewhat inaccurate.


Mission Maker - you need to receive the "First Strike" and "Final Blow" awards in the same game (be the first to destroy something and be the last to destroy something - AI or player).

Hero of the Sky - Achieve 12 (not 10) enemy plane kills.

Thunderer - 18 ground unit kills.

Heavy Metal Hero - Achieve 12 enemy tank kills.

Wing Breaker - Destroy the most aircraft units in a Ground Forces game.

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