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'Web of Defeat' in Zetsubou No Shima

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Anyone whose has the trophy or knows the list of ways to destroy the webs, care to comment?

Ive done the following.. With no luck.

-Standard knife slashing (hold square)

-Bowie Knife slashing (hold square)


-Ray Gun



-Widows Wine grenade


Standard Knife

Bowie Knife

Standard Grenade

Widow's Wine Grenade



Ray Gun

KT-4 or Masamune

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Ahhh the tripmine I totally forgot about that.

For the standard grenade, im guessing it has to be a mid air explosion? Because Ive thrown plenty of grenades at webs (with them landing on the ground) and they never worked.


Just throw the grenade at the web directly and it will stick to it like a semtex, that's all you need to do.


You have to use the death and taxes as well (upgraded pistols)  


No, you don't. I never went down when I did it, so never had the Death and Taxes (I definitely never packed them).

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