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Questions About Invincible And Countdown modes.

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I noticed going through the extras of the game that I can get really powerful weapons. Like infinite rocket launcher for beating the game in under 3 hours and Infinite ammo for beating it on No Escape difficulty. My question is, can I use these unlockables in invincible and countdown mode. Since they will clearly make these mode like a walk in the park. 


Here's a list of the unlockables in case someone's curious: 


For just beating the game you get a screen effect classic horror as well as RE2 Claire and STARS Barry costumes
For beating Casual or higher = Chicago Typewriter
For Normal = Bowgun
For Survival = Meat Grinder and No Escape difficulty 
For No Escape = Infinite Ammo

For beating all of Normal with S rank is Sepia Toned screen filter and Short Sword
S rank Survival = Comic Noir screen filter
S rank No Escape = Cursed Video screen filter

Clear campaign in under 3 hours = Infinite Rocket Launcher

S rank all difficulties with no EX weapons = Black and White screen filter

Good ending = Claire Sniper Costume 

Clear all countdown Missions = Bubble Gun 
Clear all Invisible Missions = Katana

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Unfortunately no, you only get the preset weapons/healing items they give you for those modes.


Pretty sure you're stuck with what they give, as you can't even farm items for subsequent chapters.


So, even my weapons that I customized during my initial playthrough of the game wouldn't be available ? 

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Nope. You're given the gear they give you and whatever you find along the way. Would've been real nice for invisible enemy mode but it's still not too bad.


Well, I see why people are complaining about the platinum. But it's not that bad. I think the primary key to get it is to just memorize the game and it's routes.

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