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Question about spmeones trophies.


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I noticed something strange about a friends (we are irl friends but not psn friends) trophy page. When i look up her profile on this site all her trophies are shown ,however on anything sony related,ps4,psn website or app her trophy page isnt visible. She hasnt checked her setting yet but doesnt remember changing them

Is this privacy related or no?,

i was under the impression her info had to have privacy set to public for anything show up here,why then isnt it showing up anywhere else?

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It's possible she updated her profile while the privacy settings were still open, now it's closed and PSNProfiles will still show the old page.

If you mention the profile we can check exactly what is wrong, but you don't have to.

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Yeah thats what had me confused.i would update it here and it would show everything,but nothing anywhere else.And I'd read that profiles had to be public to have info shown here. So I guess you're right it's displaying old data for some reason.

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