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So I am two trophys away from having plat. Yet I've run into a problem. The issues being 4 bosses. Atlas, Nokturnus, Bjorn, and Zoma. I've tried them all once but haven't had any luck. Currently lvl 92 in Lucius, with the other 3 in my party at 85, 85, and 76. So any tips other than getting everyone to 99? Like if there's a better character for one boss or if there's a easy spam method. Also if anyone know a good gold farming spot that would be of help too.

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It's a 3% platinum according to PSN data, because of Nocturnus and Zoma which are a massive difficulty spike comparing to everything you've done before.

Terry is indeed the best damage dealer in the game and will make some of these bosses much easier. If you can't beat these straight away, get all active characters to lv99, it takes only a couple of hours to 50->99 with Metal Kings farm. It's not required by I noticed lv99 characers can survive some hits which instantly kill them at lv80. Plus they deal more damage and their coups hit harder.

Atlas is easy if you bring lv99 Terry and ignore root and other monsters, just sit on the boss using Falcon Slash (triples your damage) every 20 seconds and spamming Gust Slash. You will be in Tension almost all time (meaning you are invincible) and coup stuns the boss which allows you to have enough time to get high tension again and repeat. Try to keep 999 combo. When executing coup, line it so it hits other monsters. Have beaten Atlas in around 3 minutes. You can get accessories which increases root's HP if you are still having trouble.

For Bjorn bring Isla with her ability to increase damage with cannons. Hit the boss' eye and try to interrupt all his charging attacks by firing cannon. Use second cannon for mawgates. When on his body, unleash all you best attacks, if you do enough damage you'll skip next phase and will be on his body again. You need to do it around 3 times for win.

I was having trouble with Nocturnus till I farmed two Gold Rosaries for each character (80% chance to survive death hit) and had enough money to charge ten Fullheals. I used MC, Terry with 30% starting tention accessory, Doric (increases tention growth) and Yangus (decreases boss' defence). When someone survived with 1 HP, I used Fullheal and mostly dodged his attacks till I charged Coup (two coups were needed in the end). It was still a hard fight as Terry was the one left alive with no more leaves to revive, but that's only because Nokt's attack patterns were not so clear to me.

Zoma is not hard with everyone having two Bunny Tails (80% freeze reduction time) and Lucky Dragon's Wings. Use Nocturnus' orb on Terry (80% magic resistance). Just dodge ice attacks by running around, try to stand behind boss' back for melee attacks and charge coup. After coup he was left with 10% HP and was easy to finish.

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Manage to down Bjorn and Nokturn pretty easily.

Using Alena90, Lucius99, Jessica99, and Bianca90. For Bjorn I switched out Bianca and use Isla70 instead because she is pro with the spellcaster launcher(added dmg with isla). Was able do so much damage initally that Bjorn went down before he even got to call his maws to help. Whole fight he didnt get a chance to summon. If your team is high lvl enough you dont even have to worry about the rock bomb on the ship, they took care of it for me. All I did was use isla and fire away. Certain things to watch out for though, like shooting the boulder he about to throw above his head so he drops back on him, aim for his eyes spellcaster, shoot the fireball gathering at his mouth, shoot the green energy gathering at his belly = WIN. Also make sure to wear lots of tension building gear. Very helpful for Nokturn fight since you are invulnerable when you are in tension mode. but good for Bjorn too, since when you land on his nose, you can go into tension mode immediately and dps him faster.


Gonna try Zoma, he is the most hardest from what i hear. The ice damage he does is a pain. Probably not wise for me to tackle him with not all lvl 99. but will try and see how it goes.

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