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Hello forum!


My question is regarding the titles in SFxTK. Does anyone know if there is a place inside the game to see my progress on how many titles I have earned? 


This is a great fighting game in my opinion. Probably my second favorite next to KoF XIII. I just love it. Would love to get a platinum, but damn those missions can be tough. 






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You can set you titiles by pressing Start in the main menu if I remember right and chose the option to edit your title. All titles you have earned so far will be there but there is no need to worry about those titles thou as that trophy should come naturally while you are going for all the other trophies.

About Mission mode there is already a thread on this site you can check here , there are also various awesome guides for them on pst.org but I think clearing those missions rather comes down to patiance and persistance as they arent too complicated but hard indeed. Good luck on this platinum.

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The easiest way to track your progress is, on the main menu, going to Player Data > Trophy Viewer. There, on the 300 titles trophy image, you shoud be able to see how many you have already earned. Also, a quick way to earn titles is completing player trials.

Good luck with the plat. I had given up on it but now I'm trying again to beat all the missions. I'm stuck as before on Mission 19, because Akuma with regen gem is just cheap. My biggest problem with this fight right now is that the game is cheap to the point of not allowing a Time Up victory, so even if I "win" by Time Up, I have to try again. One time, I managed to get his health bar to around 5% after the regen gem expired, but time ran out on me.

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