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Trophy glitch


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Has anyone that played this game experience trophy glitch in this game? This is bizarre. I have completed every chapter in Classic package but the trophy for it has not popped. This also occurred when I completed first chapter of the Nature package.


If I had to guess, you have to complete all the chapters in one sitting? And without skipping (using the option) or leaving it and coming back for it later?

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Only thing I could say is make sure you didn't skip any stages. I completed all the stages and got the trophy. I also stopped playing and came back and still got a couple.

There does seem to be an issue with the trophies, though as the trophy for completing all levels has an earned percent but the one for completing all chapters doesn't. That doesn't make sense.

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I just revisited this game to try for 100%. 

I played the entire game without turning the ps4 off, I DID use Rest Mode twice, though. 


I still didn't earn the trophy for completing all packages or the gold for getting all other trophies (obviously). 


Before I started I deleted all of my old data and reinstalled the game. Still no luck. 



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