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Separate DLC Trophies from the Main Game


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I apologize in advance if this has been suggested before, but I am rather new on this forum - and even posting on forums at that. I started collecting trophies some time ago and it has been something I enjoy doing. I wanted to Platinum each game and therefore get them to 100%.
The percentage of this website is calculated with DLC included. Having obtained the platinum for Metal Gear Rising, it kind of is a thorn in my eye that it says  71%.

Would it not be a better idea to let DLC count as subcategories in games that you can 100% (like games don't don't have a platinum) separately from the main game.


I personally don't mind too much, but I can see it being really annoying for people who want to 100% their profile and thus are forced to buy DLC in order to achieve this. This doesn't seem like a good system to me in which this is true. In my opinion, it would make a graet addition to separate them as it does not plague anyone but improves for a smaller fraction of players.


What are your thoughts?

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