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Gone Fishing

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I have a discount code of 20% for uplay shop, don't know if you'd like that?


Or I can give you the following games


10 Second Ninja X Gamemaker Edition

Extreme Burger Defense

Freeway Mutant



If you're interested you can have all these, I'm interested in Okami & RE, so if you want to trade I'll let you choose :)

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Just like to say that Fragtaster was so kind to give me the code for Resident Evil HD although I had nothing to give him back in return, proving how kind of a soul he is. I can't thank you enough man, this is a tremendous honor and I will never forget it. Please keep in mind that he still willing to trade Okami, Megaman 9 and 10 so give this man everything because he deserves it! I hope you're ready for all the awkward banter coz mate, you just made a life long friend.  :D


hype exceeds an optimal level amount

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