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Trophy thoughts?

Oobedoob S Benubi

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It doesn't seem to be a huge game from the looks of it. maybe five hours or so tops?


I like it that you seem to have to make some choices, and explore for extra information, so it's not only walking from A to B.


It seems that you can die after all... But having a silver trophy for five deaths makes it seem that you won't find yourself restarting often.


I played the demo of this game and I liked it. There were a few jump scares that I did not fall for - suddenly a bright light from behind you and you don't just see your shadow but a pigheaded shadow as well, I just kept on walking and suffered no consequence whatsoever - but the game managed to get me interested when it was being full-on weird with blood floors, levitating sharks and a fire Freddy Krueger.

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Just played this older indie horror, and well.. that was more bizarre and kinda fucked up than I was expecting... I didn't find myself bored so i guess i kinda liked it 😆


Played once for fun, then mopped up collectables with a guide after. Trophies were easy and no hassle, I'm surprised the 100% completion is only at 6%


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