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How many hours can this be platted in?

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I've been thinking about starting this game, but I've read conflicting reports on how long the platinum trophy takes to actually achieve. Is the time to plat in 2016 signifigantly different than it was in 2014? Has the updates and expansions changed a lot/ made things easier?


Also, will having a team of dedicated people boosting shorten the amount of time/ difficulty? I imagine this isn't a game that can be solo'd easily, so what is a good number of people to have in a party? Is there a limit to how many people you can play with, and will too many just slow down the process?


Thanks, hopefully some of you can share their experience for some newcomers

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The plat is based around the 2014 version. So every thing you need to do, can be done in Realm Reborn. That being said, you will have to play it for 6 months ( $77.94 if you choose the $12.99 subscription option) regardless how much boosting you do thanks to one trophy. At least 500-600 hours or so overall.

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I would say 200ish not counting in the days etc you have to wait for Levequests to be done (6 months at minimum).


Everything can be done so much faster now in the game.  You can always buy a Turn 5 run but there is lots who do it for free these days. :)  It can be solo'd easily as there is a Duty Finder you can use which will pair you up with other players automatically.


In a party, you can play with up to 8 people, in alliances you can play with 24.  It's an MMO though, otherwise like in FATEs or something, you can pretty much play with as many as the area allows in (they are never usually full, they were on Heavensward's launch).

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At this stage your only concern is completing 1000 levequest which, like the others said, would take you a minimum of 6 months.

The rest can be unlocked rather quickly within a matter of days especially if you join an FC that's willing to assist you throughout the content. The crafting/gathering trophies can be done within a couple hours or so, and fates can be competed if you stay in the low level ones (would be a lot faster with a friend also). The only one that would hold you back really is the levequest one, once that's out of the way you're home free.

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Not too concerned about the levequests since I have a year to get the platinum to July 2018, so I will mostly focus on the rest of the stuff, mainloy completing the main story, getting all of the crafting and gathering trophies as well as the battle trophies, and then getting max level to do the dreaded Coils of Bahamut for that trophy. ;)


EDIT: So here is the plan. I plan on completing the main story as an archer to get her to Level 50, then I will switch over to the gather and crafting classes to get them maxed for the related trophies. Starting with Miner to get various shards to craft with, then doing Culinarian, Goldsmithing and Weaving as you don't need to buy 1000 of an item, you can buy 500 of an item, craft one item, and then craft a second item from the first item so you only need 500 of the initial stuff. After that, it'll be time for the remaining crafts. The official platinum guide gives tips of the easiest stuff to craft fast. Once I've hit Level 50 in all of the non-battle classes, I'll work on Level 50 Bard, then Level 50 in other classes. (By then I should get the Stormblood pack and unlock Machinist for my character so she can use the same role actions.) All the time, I'll be getting levequests for the non-battle classes and FATEs for the battle classes to level them up and eventually I'll be farming the post-story dungeons for Tomes to get a full Mythology armor set and Relic weapon to tackle the Binding Coils of Bahamut for that tough trophy.

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