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Live Events Viewer App Being Retired Jan. 10th


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Sony has confirmed via TheSixthAxis that the Live Events Viewer on PS3 and PS4 is being retired tomorrow. Live events such as UFC matches, concert videos and more will no longer appear in any form on the XMB of either system, however individual Live Events can be purchased from the PS Store directly. Any purchased Live Event will be saved into "My Videos" for viewing during or after the scheduled event. Live Events Viewer debuted in 2013 for PS3 and 2014 for PS4. 


How many of you are gonna miss this app? I never personally used it, but I know they had some good deals if you were a PS+ member. Incredibly short notice that they gave before deactivating the app.


Source: http://www.playstationlifestyle.net/2017/01/08/ps-live-events-viewer-discontinued/

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I dont even know what it is... Probably didnt care too much for. Now that theyll remove it maybe itll open up more system resources for other things?  Was this something that ran automatically with the OS? 

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1 minute ago, soultaker655 said:

Sony sent out a email about it last week.


I saw that in the couple articles I read, but it must've gotten sent only to those who had used the app and purchased an event before. I never got one, and another couple of my friends hadn't either, and none of us ever purchased an event

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