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Weird trophy glitch?


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Ok, I sent a message to Sly because I didn't really know the best place to put it, but I wanted to know if this happened to anyone else while playing flOw

Somehow Peace, Giant, and Vegetarian all popped at the same time for me right as I completed the credits campaign.

I collected most of the credits, ate the completion egg and they all popped at the same time. I don't really understand why because the requirements for each don't match up but I assure you that it happened at complete random.

The only thing I can think of is that the other night when I went for the Zen trophy, I just turned the game off after that.

Went back to it today to try for the Peace trophy and accidently ate some food or something and pressed start to go back to the campaigns. I couldn't figure out what the last organism that has the protective shield was, so I thought to play through the credits. I ate a bunch of the credits (not all) and then ate the completion egg and all three of those trophies popped for me. It threw me off, so I wanted to ask if it's happened to anyone else because I don't want to be flagged for something completely out of my control.


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No worries, it is commonly known as glitch-install...


read the install information...

Good to know and I had no idea you could "force" it this way...mine was completely accidental and freaked me out. I just wanted to get it out there so people don't get flagged for it. I too hate trophy glitches especially if you don't know about them prior to them occurring.

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