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Any tips for the challenges? (Controls)


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Hello there,


Usually i don't have problems with controls, but this game is another story. I got 12 platinum medals already, after countless restarts. It just feels like im doing something wrong. I played this game a lot with my girlfriend in versus mode and the controls are okay in this mode. I mean, its fun not to have your whale under control. But in challenge mode you need to be precise.


Is there any way to control your whale other than to use the D-Pad (or analog stick) and using X at the right moment? Do i miss something?

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No tips from me, but I would like to say I certainly agree about the controls. I didn't like the challenges for your exact reason - I didn't like the controls. I found them oversensitive to the point of being uncontrollable, and it was very annoying. I got a few platinum medals before I'd had enough and quit. 

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8 hours ago, The-Smiths-85 said:

dwproject - congratulations for getting the platinum! :) What was the hardest challenge in your opinion? And what was the key to your success?

Thanks man! For some reason i had most trouble with "Big Bouncy Stairs (Target Easy)" and "Danger Zone (Obstacle Medium)" :D The key to success was really just to find motivation to start up the game again. It took me only 2 hours to get the final 8 challenges done, which surprised me. Maybe i got lucky, maybe it was practise. I remember trying some challenges for 1-2 hours straight in the beginning only to get gold in them.


Anyway, game deleted :D

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They did help me, yes :) Thanks for it! ;) I got lucky with Tegrat and Torching Tunnel, only took me less than 10 tries i think :D I still don't think it was a good idea to put these kind of challenges into the game. It would have been much better to add like 100 challenges where you have to kill CPU-whales. Like different challenges (each whale 3 hearts -> win with 3 hearts for platinum) or (3 minutes -> make 7 kills). The challenges overall are not really fun at all ;) 

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