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A new Playstation podcast??


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So I'm heartbroken over the news about PS I Love You xoxo. :(


So now that the great dynamic between Greg and Colin is no more, I need a recommendation for a go-to Playstation podcast.


Before PS I Love You started, I hung in with Podcast Beyond but I really dont like Max as a host. He is such a wet blanket and doesn't let anyone else go on tangents.  So does anyone have any suggestions for a new podcast?


Thanks ahead of time all!

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Colin made a joke. It was worth about half a chuckle and then you move on. Shit that followed was ridiculous.


I don't watch Kinda Funny and outside of 5 minutes once every 8 months or so, I haven't even seen those guys since they left IGN. Greg Miller always used to piss me off, just everything about him and his personality and whatnot, he was just so god damn annoying. Got over it and grew to half-like the guy for a bit, but the way he handled this shit is indicative of how little spine he has.


Your buddy, the guy you've worked and lived with for fuck knows how long, is copping shit for making a poorly received joke, and instead of backing your friend up and defending them, or hell, even just staying quiet, you write an essay on how sorry you are about people being offended, and all of a sudden your buddy isn't working there anymore.


Look, Colin too, he's kind of an asshole, and I believe he was leaving to do his own shit for the most part, but Greg Miller's handling of this is ridiculous. There's no face to save dude, anyone who watches your shit doesn't care about a joke he made on Twitter, I don't even fucking have Twitter anyway. It wouldn't have done a single thing to your whole set up, you know what does? Bending over backwards compromising to a few idiots who can't take a joke and showing you have no spine, and worst of all, won't even stick by your friend.


Greg Miller is an asshole.

Colin Moriarty is kind of an asshole, but at least has a fucking spine.




As for a replacement thing, I don't know dude. I don't really watch that sort of stuff anyways anymore.

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I'm also pretty bummed about the situation, but we don't know what's happening with PS I Love You yet. It may still continue. Yes, the dynamic between Colin and Greg is gone, but I'm going to give the possible new co-host a chance. For all we know, they could be bringing someone like Vince Ingenito onboard who was just let go from IGN. Whoever it is, it will be easier watching a reformed PS I Love You with people I know than a totally different podcast with people I don't. That's my thoughts on it anyway.

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I didnt realise this had happen but to be honest I was growing tired of the show anyway. I quite enjoy Colin's perspective but the often one sides nature of Greg's rants becomes grating over time.


I would recommend " Gamers with Jobs " while not all PS4 it is a very interesting conversation each week by a more diverse and mature group of presenters

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