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Flatout different regions can't play together?


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I wanted to boost this games online trophies but can't play any game. Getting in a lobby together is no problem, but when starting the race the one who is not the host will get a crash(blue screen) I'm from europe and he is from US.

And we have both different versions of the game. I have 1.02 (physical copy) and he is on 1.00 (digital copy, with no update)

Is there someone from the US who can check their game version who has a physical copy.

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1 hour ago, JVVGroup said:

Any1 of u guys playing EU and digital copy of game (1.00)? im stuck on those stupid online trophys cant find any games or gamers :(

I think you can play with US people as well, because you have the same version (1.00). You could set up a gaming session on this site

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Looks like now it's okay to play online between two EU players owning each retail and digital.


It worked well on my side and the other trophy hunter told me his dl release was also 1.03, same as my disc version.

Trophies unlocked for both of us too.

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