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When you have 2 or more drone options press up on the directional button to swap between them.


In the weapon selection screeen you can select 2 or more favorite weapons and press left on the directional button to swap between them.


After you get the drone upgrade to open doors with the drone icon next to them. Go to Central Production B, in this area go to the top of the Circulation Tower. There is a room with 3 enemies and an innocent display case with an EXO Rig, smash the case and you can upgrade your rig with 4 more implant slots.


Do you got any other tips?



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Every boss drops a weapon, but can drop a better version if you beat it in a certain way. For the second boss, cut off all its legs before you kill it. The third boss is actually a way easier fight if you go for the second weapon. After the first phase, just run past the four cutter arms and all the way to the back. The spidery eyeball thing is pretty easy to dodge and the cutter arms can't even touch you.


When you need to farm materials or want to get some new gear from enemies, equip energy implants like capacitors and energy gain boosters. That way you're pretty much always able to do a finishing move to cut limbs off. For bosses, take off the enemy health bar implant. The boss health will still be shown and you can use the slot for something else, like healing.


The big yellow smelter robots are actually really easy to beat. Just circle them, keeping their arm on the other side of the body than where you are. Wait for the vents to open and then attack the vents. They drop coins that you can trade in at a vending machine after returning to the factory from the R&D labs.


Remember what every npc wants and check back every now and then if you've found something they might want. Davey wants an implant you find in the biolabs area, Irina (I think she was called?) wants the BioMaster staff. You can find two of those. She'll want guard armor later, so be sure to make a set for when she asks for it.


After freeing Chavez, don't spend three to four hours looking for the third boss like I did. Just head back to the factory and cross the bridge at the train station. There's a drone switch for the door that's I don't know how hard to miss, but I sure as crap missed it. 😣


That's all I can think of / found so far. Good luck!


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You can fall from any high without taking damage, just attack while falling.  ;-)


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*Every 20,000 TS (or you can see the TS bar filled) you get +1 injectable.


*There is infinite regen hp glitch that's quite handy for farming or in case you get stuck(recommend play by yourself, that's point of this kind of game, isn't it?)


- Installed 3 (total 9) HP Regen Injectable (Small version is easier to pull off)

- Installed bunch of HP implant

- Get hit by enemy and reduce HP , less is better

- Go to safe spot and use 1 HP Regen, when it's on cooldown - Press RUN (X button) then Attack (R1) to perform slide attack, when slide attack animation happen, quickly press O to use Injectable. if you get glitch sound, that's mean you are right, now you spam O and Triangle as much as possible but stop before cooldown of HP Regen item wear off.

- You will see your character use HP Regen until you have no more item or if HP is full, your character will stop.

- Now you can freely swap implant to whatever you want, but as much as possible HP and healing items is recommend for -oh shit- moment.

- You get HP regen super fast now and it's permanent.


it will reset when you died by any mean, quit game or ride train. 


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