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This game seems good from the cliff notes of the story I got so far and am about to hit into this blind but I want to know if anyone knows of a trophy guide I could use to pin point parts of the game to get trophies so I could plat it, also I have 2 things to ask to anyone who has played it, is there any part of the story I should keep a save of to use for my trophy run of the game? and how long is this? also would like to make sure that the replies given don't kill the plot for me, so give like a chapter number for me.


So to put it simple want to know how long it is, if there is a trophy guide that I can follow in English and where to keep a save at so I could do a trophy run at.


Thanks~ K


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If you want to do it legit and read a great story then prob about 50 hrs 


but if you just want a plat, probably 2-3hrs


If you enjoy it I recomend getting Steins;gate 0 and Chaos;Child is coming in the next few months


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