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Titan cup points

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Okay, this is annoying me now, I've tried the Stitch way, and I can't get enough points with him.  So where's the trick to this? And Magnera will be useless to me, tried that in the Godess of Fate cup... and it did nothing different with points there.


Getting the 5,000 points requirement is not fun.  And no, I am not going to enjoy the paradox version with it's 10,000 points requirement x.x

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Maybe I'll go into critical HP mode and then summon Stitch.  Do I let him do his own thing or use his limit? As I'm never sure just how Stitch is suppose to work in regards to that.


Also, I'll ask, Godess of Fate cup, the 3,000 points, best way for that? I see people mentioning Mangera, but that doesn't even do anything for me... unless I'm missing something with that.

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Just let him do his thing. He auto does the critical HP thing as long as you're in critical HP. Don't do anything except collect the points, maybe run around a bit. Use Ohana just as he's about to run out to maximize points.


If you get out of critical somehow, just get hit and he'll start doing it again.


Jackpots make them drop more score, draw makes them easier to collect.


The video shows all this fairly well.

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15 minutes ago, KingGuy420 said:

Yeah, it works for everything. Except maybe the Cerberus Cup but that ones not hard anyways.

So, it'll hep me in the Godess of Fate cup? Cause I need to double my points in that to meet the score requirement.


And a question, is there an easier way to get into critical mode for the Titan paradox cup? Reason I ask as these points are the most worrying thing, as in, you get enough points in the cup, loose them all and it's over.  I mean I did the normal cup, got the 5,000 point using what you had said... ended with 24 points against Hercules.  It's just taking hits is all I'm really worried for, not health wise, but points wise.

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Okay, I have tried 3 different approaches in the Godess of Fate cup, but I can't get the 3,000 points, always coming up short by 800 now.  Stitch didn't help, Peter Pan didn't either, not enough points.  And the Magnera/Thunder combo, also not enough points.  So... what am I missing here?

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3 hours ago, KingGuy420 said:


I don't think strength is the problem. I was level 99 with like 30 stat ups on each stat when I did it.

Hmm, I'll try again later on then.  I just went through the Titan Paradox Cup and got the points requirement after like, two tries (first try was aiming to just complete it).


Would Master form be the better option for the Cerberus Paradox Cup? I ask that cause of Master Form's finishing move, that spiral of death thing it does.


Edit: Just thinking, they say use Stitch to help out with points, problem is, getting into critical health... Donald will end up healing me more than likely (cause he loves me like that), so not sure the best route otherwise.


Edit 2: Got those done at long last, all that's left is the final cup for both completing it in general and getting the points from it.

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