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Really confused about the DLC.


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Forewarning. The base game and even the 1st DLC list are average time invested but any of the DLC after that will be months of times invested and that's if you don't put money down to hopefully get Legendary Mounts for the item level boosts. You can't really ignore the campaigns that arn't associated with trophies because they give too many good boons that not only boost your damage but also give you an extra iLvl boost for dungeons. And the campaigns that do have trophies will take awhile for you to even get to them. Storm King zones will destroy someone who has just hit 70.


All the campaigns run under a daily structure besides the new Tomb of Annihilation which is honestly just letting you do a weeks worth of dailies as quickly as possible. Maze Engine will take you ~26 days to complete and it's one of the shortest ones.


Thought I'd just throw that out there for you and anyone else who looks. I was busting my ass trying to get 11,000 iLevel for Stormking Thunder/Cloaked Ascendency dungeons and they went and added a 12,000 dungeon. Getting gear is absolutely rough with all the bad RNG.

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1 year and 2 months from first to latest trophy. Currently at 13000 item level. As others have said this is a time intensive game, like any MMORPG, get in a good guild and find a team that will help you with the grind but unless you drop real money don't expect quick results. 

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