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Should I play Episodes Gladious, Prompto and Ignis before beating the game?


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Hey, quick question about this. So far, I have all of the episode DLC save for the two upcoming ones. But one day, when I was about to play one of them, (Gladious) after beating Chapter 7, the game told me to beat the game before I can play it otherwise it will have spoilers if I played the episode.


So, I'm asking should I play the Episode DLCs without beating the game? Can someone share their suggestions with me about this?

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It's like the game told you - the DLC's contain spoilers that you may or may not want to know about whilst still playing the main scenario.


If you don't care about being spoiled - play away.


If you do - wait until you beat the game. ?

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Maybe I'm a little late, but you should play Gladio after Chapter 6 (even though it doesn't say a lot, it almost feels like an OVA) and Prompto after Chapter 11, but careful: it contains something that the game will tell you in Chapter 13, but imho the main game fails in that since the "revelation" scene is kinda vague, so it is better if you play Episode Prompto AFTER clearing Chapter 11 and BEFORE clearing Chapter 13.

Idk about Ignis, it still hasn't been released, but probably it will be placed after Chapter 9.

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